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Inclusive Illustration

This kids exhibition of the original 120 hand-made illustrations of children books was conceived and curated in 2010 for N.G.O. EDRA. The exhibition selected illustrations with “different” heroes, aiming to reflect the diverse society and challenge stereotypes. The featured diversity refers to disability, obesity, mental health, single-parent family, immigration, obesity, nationality and culture.

Seeing inclusive images is important so that every child perceives itself as equal. Inclusion in books illustrations, allows young readers to become familiar with characters that may seem slightly dierent to them, look or behave slightly dierently, or have a dierent kind of family, but are fundamentally just the same. Artists participating: V. Psaraki, A. Nikas, A.Symeonidi, D.Parisi, E.Lada, E.Vavouri, I.Galanomati, K.Veroutsou, N.Andrikopoulos, L.Denezaki, N.Stamatiadi, T.Petrakis, Ornerakis School of Applied Arts. The exhibition became the starting point of parallel hands-on interactive workshops with the illustrators as tutors. The exhibition was held in partnership with Pediadromi with the support of Ornerakis School of Applied Arts.
Exhibition Curator: Maritina Kontaratou, Culture Department, K.S.D.E.O. EDRA
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