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Art4more hosted the following performances till now:

Olyna Xenopoulou: Based on the Medea Material by Heiner Muller as adapted for the performanceLove+Death staged in Athens and Thessaloniki in 2007 and 2008, this monologue is an excerpt from the German dramatist’s stunning, daring poetic text that employs harsh deconstructive language and draws inspiration from Euripides’s Medea, the original work of the greatest tragedian ever. The text constitutes a novel humane approach to and a profound exploration of a woman’s mentality.

Dance etc ON/OFF Group: This is a group of performers producing performance installations. Performers Stefanos Letsits Softsis and Maria Softsi, who is also a choreographer, put on In-Tent – Prothesi Video Installation Performance.

Viomatiki Skini: In association with Viomatiki Skini group of Thyra Technis venue, featured a host of events and improvisational performances starting at Thyra Technis and extending to the pedestrian precinct in Riga Palamidou Street.

Soundscape’sProject, Jimis Rekoutis

A Newspaper, a Ball of Red Thread and a Secret, Viomatiko Scholio

Improvising in relationships, Efi Keramida

Acrobatic Dance Theater Performance, Anna Omiridi

Visual Mixtapes, VJ Performance, Projectorato

Motion to Sound, Angelos Bousbouras

Rapunzel, the beloved hair, A drama in three parts, Gregoria Vrittia

MYGAla. Performance in the street MYGAla:What we do like and what drives back us?Sichaµeno and pure have big distance from each other or do we are that we baptize withtitles? Each ybris for the life and the dignity it can be acceptable if it has the cloak of chastityand good manners that we have worn him.Performance that complicates you him you distinguish with Alexandros Raptotasio andNikos Ayloniti and our Hope.

The Team of Eastern Dances THYMELIS presented the diversity through separatepresentations of candles, veils, walking sticksand feathers and in the end the all dancers was unified with the audience in common shaping.Factors: Soysanna Goygoyla, PeacePaschalis, Rania of Mackerel, KonstantinaZilakoy, Olga Paizi. Choreography Assiduity:Salome Chondroyli.

Performance Lightning Athanasia of TeamDOOR of ART (5 ) Department from polyµesikodroµeno the theatrical composer and poetAlexandros Chachali that took place in the Of all humanity Marathon Call in the 13/09/10 withthe choreographer of/dancer and her artisticdirector DOOR of ART Fanis Kafoysia and his team.

Unreal, a research in the sound and the movement. Pos and how much the current dailysound noise influences intensities and thebehavior of body, as well as shapes and manufactures bodies. Ritual theprimitive always body in a modern wrapping.Choreography performer: laurel Raµtsi.

Black Circle. The team of acrodance (acrobaticdance) Anna Oµiridi Mob Choreia presents theBlack Circle. It is solo escape. The blackcircle is the dark room in which we found ourselves enclaved. We live hereanaµochleyontas and ruminating our negativehabits. It should we come out from here. It should we leave! Factors: Poetryof Anna Oµiridi,Instrumentation Yannis Fraseri, Output: Olga ofTitbit, Antonis Dimitrios, Panos Michas, AnnaOµiridi.

Program Curation: Maritina Kontaratou, Culture Department, K.S.D.E.O. EDRA

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