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The Laboratory showcases artworks, hands – on labs and workshops by teams of mental health service users, the broader public and kids, organised by an artist or organisation in residency. The exhibition presents the whole procedure of the art creation by the team (“work-in-progress” nature). Initially, the professional artists visit Art4more festival and conduct short-term creative workshops with the audience. The artist conceives and brings about a creative topic/ title, under which the members will creatively contribute, so that a final participatory artefact will be produced by all. It’s a kind of creative “assemblage” of many different forms of creative therapy, with a therapeutic and rewarding value.

The foreigner, the other, me!

The Viomatiko School participates in festival ART4MORE of with the subject: The foreigner, the other, me!. The children are called to live up the histories that recounts the animator and through movements of body to discover the uniqueness that his hides each one in. Thus, through the theatrical game, the children experience various situations, acquire experiences,they adopt positive attitude toward different and they comprehend that the foreigner, the other has the same needs and the same rights with me!.

Cave Divers

By Playground. Taking into concideration the first depiction of reality from the human, we will travel with the machine of time and with drive our imagination, we will devise the first narrating alphabet! Our Objective will be to guess the fellowtravelers what we want to recount to them! What was the population of this alphabet? It been cold or heat in their country? Who sound it represents After we present reports of work from the first painters of humanity, but also other modern artists that have been influenced by this first points of art, on a paper cut base, we will mold and we will engrave, in clay and plastelines,our own ideograms! In personal sketchbooks ,we will draw preliminary drafts, we will mark our ideas and will develop our own personal narration of each work.


Events in progress and Ways of Reestablishment, Speaker: Maria LiakosOrganisation: Centre of DayE.P.A.PS.Y. / The Team Narration as a other Means of Expression of Personal Experiences and Creation, Speaker: Pure Zachariadoy,Psychologist, Organisation: CENTRE OF DAYMELISSION E.P.A.PS.Y. / The Theatre of Encouragement: the Art of Concretisation in our modern archaic cultureSpeaker: Stathis Markopoylos, Organisation: Puppet Theater Ayusaya! / Painter in the Blinds,Speaker: Ioanna Papadopoulou / Popup book: from the arrest of idea as in thecreation, Speaker: Tzeni Pagani / The synthoma Art the artistic expression asactivity symbolopoiisis, the example of Boarding school Althaia, Speakers: Evi Karakoyla Clinical Psychologist, Elena Argyriadi ClinicalPsychologist, Marianthi Baku Ergotherapeytria, Yannis Anastasiadis SocialFunctional

With a caress this exhibition changes, Organiser: Petros Synodinos / Fasoylis story of love and death, Organiser: Stathis Markopoylos Koyklotheatro Ayusaya!
Fakirismata, Organiser: Evaggelia Kampoyraki and Evgenia Tsichlia Koyklotheatrikos Theatre company ZloychtiriaAggeliki Goynaridi
The Mad Concert, Representation of Puppet show, Organiser: Francisco&CristosBrito,Baruti
A Broom from Spathochorto, DiadrastikoPuppet show, Organiser: NikiChatzigeorgioy
Visual Mixtapes, Audiovisual polymesikiperformance, Factors/Authors: SpiridonPaparoylias, Fotis Belentzas

With the Eyes Closed! , Experiential laboratory with automatic manufacture with clay,Organiser: Despina Katsoyda,Psychologist, Organisation: Company Social Psychiatric and Mental Health

  • Labyrinth, the frozen love dragon timeExperiential laboratory Dramatotherapeias,Organiser: Angeliki Foteinoy,Dramatotherapeytria Ergotherapeytria Koin.Functional, Person in charge of programs ofentertainment the Travel of Hero, Organisation:Company Social Psychiatric and Mental Health
  • The Tree of Life and Ancient YfantresExperiential laboratory Dramatotherapeias, Organiser: Angeliki Foteinoy,Dramatotherapeytria Ergotherapeytria Koin.Functional, Person in charge of programs ofentertainment the Travel of Hero, Organisation:Company Social Psychiatric and Mental Health
  • Sculpture with Tinfoil, Experiential laboratory,Organiser: Petros Roykoytakis Artistwith problem of sight
  • Sandplay, Experiential Sandplay, Organiser: KaterinaSiampani Psychotherapist and GestaltEducated in ArtTherapy.Collaborator and member of Greek Company of Illness Alzheimer& of Relevant disturbances.
    Laboratory of Doll, Organiser: Mairibi Georgiadoy, Philippos Fertis, Organisation:Laboratory Mairibi
    Red Spinner Tied up in Anemi Wrapped, theFairy tales the Music, Diadrastiki narration of two fairy tales, Organiser: Niki Chatzigeorgioy
  • When my fingers color the sentimentsExperiential seminar of Art Therapy,Organiser: Julie Sotirioy (art psychotherapist)Antigone Trimi (Systemic and Art Psychotherapist)
  • Linoleum workshop by Nikos Tsoutis
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