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Street Craft: Slow Down the City

Exhibition Hours: Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 October, 11.00-22.00. SpiderTag will be in Athens for a live mural creation, lecture and more at Saturday 10/10, at 21.00.

Street Craft is known as the next chapter of street art. This kind of graffiti is often three dimentional and adds texture to the often non- textural, cold, concrete surfaces of the urban landscape. It uses “homely” and warm materials like pure wool and yarn and it feels like shifting the domestic arts to the streets. Bearing some connections to “craftivism”, street craft slows down the city pace and turns citizens to more “hand-made” art forms as opposed to the “mass-production” ones. It also implies that street graffiti and street activism does not have to be destructive or intrusive.

Art4more festival in the 10th and 11th of October @ Impact Hub Athens, Karaiskaki 28, Monastiraki, hosts the exhibition of works, photographs and videos of the artists: Deadly Knitshade, NeSpoon, Jessie Hemmons, SpiderTag και Alexa. Exhibition Hours: 11.00-22.00. Artist SpiderTag will be in Athens for a live mural creation, lecture and more at Saturday 10/10, at 21.00.

Here are some of the works:

Ishknits, or Jessie Hemmons, is a yarnbomber from Philadelphia, PA. Her work concentrates on facilitating a shift in the perception of street art, by using a typically feminine craft to initiate a dialogue on the relationship between gender and non-commissioned public art. Through her use of vibrant colors and an historically emphatic medium, she encourages people to understand and utilize the ability they possess to be assertive as well as positive in their community. Her work exemplifies that the loudest public voice does not have to be the most hostile and threatening, but can be used to encourage and elevate. Abstract from ishknits.com .

Lauren O’Farrell, also known as Deadly Knitshade, is an English author and artist. She is best known for playing a major part in the beginnings of the UK graffiti knitting street art scene,creating the Stitch London craft community and founding graffiti knitting and craft collective Knit the City. As a graffiti knitting street artist she is attributed with creating the term ‘yarnstorming’ as a less violent alternative to the popular yarnbombing in graffiti knitting and the creation of the ‘stitched story’ style of graffiti knitting using amigurumi and handmade objects to create a themed artwork rather than the traditional cosy. Lauren creates her art under the Whodunnknit label and works and lives in London. Abstract from wikipedia.

NeSpoon creates works that are somewhere in between street art, pottery, painting, sculpture and jewelery. She likes to make positive art and to deal with positive emotions. Sometimes, her art comments social and political issues that she consider important. Most of her work consist of prints of traditional laces, made in clay or painted on the walls. They are hand made, by the folk artists. “Why laces? Because in laces there is an aesthetic code, which is deeply embedded in every culture. In every lace we find symmetry, some kind of order and harmony, isn’t that what we all seek for instinctively? Why street art? Because it gives freedom.” Abstract from her portfolio.

SpiderTag is an artist from Spain with activity in European countries and abroad. He intertwines sturdy rope and nails to construct abstract graffiti on abandoned buildings and surfaces.  At his website he says: “It´s all about nails + pure wool + geometry + abstraction + streets + abandoned” .

Alexa, studied in a purely technological faculty felt the need to harmonise the two sides of her self, that of the arts and that of the functional use of things. In this, her assistant was the sewing machine, a object direct representative of ideas, an escape. This machine can transmute and lend a new attributeuse in some objects, and existed as the motivating force. With the help of photograph, her object of study (the buildings), acquired bigger interest, while was combined with the objects that produced from thesewing machine. The element of creation acquires double importance in the photographs “UrbanTransformations, while sees impressions of buildings with handmage objects.

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