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NEFELE: Everything you need to know


NEFELE project (Networking European Festivals for Mental Life Enhancement) – The project started its journey in Dublin meeting.

A move towards establishing a network of Mental Health Arts Festivals across Europe, as well as the 1st European Mental Health Arts Festival, is made this year since January 2016. For October 2016, ART4MORE festival will give its place to a much larger initiative, the NEFELE project (Networking European Festivals for Mental Life Enhancement). The project is partly funded by the Creative Europe Programme / Culture Sub-programme and is implemented by a partners’ scheme of organizations from five EU Member States: K.S.D.E.O. EDRA / Greece, First Fortnight / Ireland; Funtation Intras / Spain, Euronet / Italy; and ASOK / Lithuania.

The project is coordinated by the Greek organization, K.S.D.E.O. EDRA, utilizing its long experience on the conjunction of Mental Health and Art through ART4MORE, which has been staged in Greece for the past nine years.

Main objectives of the NEFELE project are:

  • Staging the 1st European Art Festival for Mental Health on October 2016 in Athens
  • Establishing a European Network of Mental Health Art Festivals
  • Developing the related activities of each country participating in the partnership
  • The creation of supporting tools for the use of arts in the field of Mental Health

This is our press conference video:

The NEFELE festival will be held from 1-16th of October 2016 at Bouzianis Museum of Municipality of Dafni in Athens.

The museum venue combines a modern building of four floors, with the adjacent exhibition space which used to be the house where the famous Greek painter George Bouzianis has lived his life. The surrounding area, a total of 248 m2 , includes green areas, outdoor shuttles, paved surfaces, etc. The total building area is 1.659 m2 .

Here is the press release TV spot:

The festival brochure…

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