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NEFELE | Art Residencies in Mental Health Units

In cooperation with the Career Office of the Athens School of Fine Arts. 1-16 October 2016, Athens School of Fine Arts, Pireos 256. Part of the 1st European Arts and Mental Health Festival NEFELE. Openning party 2nd of October, 20.00.

Curator: Maritina Kontaratou

Art Brut and the art of people who have experienced mental health challenges, was always an object of observation by the art professionals, theorists and artists. Direct and unconstrained, “raw art” is imbued with a rare freshness of invention. Raw art – raw because it is “uncooked” by culture, raw because it came directly from the psyche, as an art touched by a raw nerve.

In this project, twelve students by the Athens School of Fine Arts visit eight mental health units and conduct short-term creative workshops with the members. Their stay in the units is supervised by the unit’s art therapist and the project’s supervisor artist Nikos Kanarelis. The students conceive and bring creative topics/ titles, under which the members creatively contribute, so that a final participatory artefact is produced by all. It’s a kind of creative “assemblage” of many different artworks, with a therapeutic and rewarding value.


Participating artists:

Antzoulidis Antonis, Dimitriou Vasiliki, Diakaki Alkistis, Kolympiri Maria – Emilia, Loukidi Christina, Markostamou Irini Fotini, Pare-Anastasiadou Chloe, Petridou Heleni, Protopsalti Thalia, Stamatakis Giorgos, Chatzigeorgiou Lilia, Christodoulou Christoforos

Participating Organisations:

SID “NEFELI of”K.S.D.E.O. “EDRA”: Panagiotis, Giorgos,Charis, Konstantinos.
Units of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Ippocrates I and Ippocrates of II K.S.D.E.O.“EDRA”: Patsioyra Fanoyria, Kargioti Ioanna,Koyrti Lina, Poyliasis Yannis,Passas Giorgos, Floros Yannis, Gamparos Dimitris, Kostarelos Yannis,Papadimitriou Costas, Manta Pennelope,Sakelarioy Ioanna, Melakis Stathis, Poula Paraskevi.Centre of Education in the Independent Living “’Sun” K.S.D.E.O. “EDRA”:Konstantinos F., Dinos A., Lefteris A., LefterisG., Marina N.

Company Social Psychiatric and Mental Health (EC. PS.&PS.Y.), Structure of Attica:Sparpathiotis Yannis, Darras Thodoris,Psaradaki Vivi, Foyrnaraki Vasso, Sotiropoylos Panagiotis,Politis Loyis, Skarloytoy Angeliki,Destoyni Katerina. Fotinou Ageliki, Mouzakitou Olga, Papagiannopoulos Spyros.

Company Social Psychiatric and Mental Health(EC. PS.&PS.Y.), Structure Fokida: ChristosYpsilantis, Alexandros Roylias, AsimakisDoylamis, Panagiotis Paletsos, Nikos Zografos, Alexandros Vlachos, Yannis Mantalas. Coordinator: Papaioannou Despina.

With work that already has been created they participate:

PEPSAE., “Centre of Social Dialogue”:Art protzect Antistress – Greek Landscape. The Team of Painting of Specialised Centre, instructor:Nikos Paylitinas. Workshop/installation “Life of is acreative act” by Sotiris Kontokostas.

AMKE DIODOS. Day Care Centre K.I.P.O.S. (team of Theatre, team of Art and team of Photography).

The project was photographed by Foto Deligianni, Ino Klossi, Myrto Fotinou. The photographic team ENSTANTANE coordinated by Vangelis Tambakos participates with the project “Our Mirror”.

The project was photographed by Foto Deligianni, Ino Klossi, Myrto Fotinou,photographic team ENSTANTANE coordinated by Vangelis Tambakos.

Some photos of the final exhibition:

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