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NEFELE | Chronis Botsoglou Solo Exhibition

1-16 October, 12.00-22.00, Bouzianis Museum, 27 Bouziani Street, Dafni / 1st -16th October 2016. Opening party: Saturday 1st October, 18.00.

Curator: Maritina Kontaratou

Chronis Botsoglou, one of the most important Greek painters of the modern era, participates in this festival with an individual art exhibition. The painter, engraver and sculptor has held more than 30 individual exhibitions mainly in Greece and has also participated in more than 100 group exhibitions inside and outside of the country. In 1989, he was elected teacher of painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts, of which he also remained dean for five years. At the same time as painting, he is involved with engraving (mainly etching and lithography) and sculpture.

The exhibition constitutes an honorary response to the invitation of the NEFELE Festival to present selected portraits of acclaimed visual creators that provide stimuli for the multilayered relation of art and human soul. In this exhibition, a series of portraits of Van Gogh, Chalepas, Bouzianis and Bacon is presented, personalities that influenced deeply his thought as a painter. These are “introduction” portraits, as he calls them, as in this manner he pursues a kind of conversation on spirituality and aesthetics with these artistic icons, seeking each time to detect and reveal a different aspect of the path they followed in art and life.


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