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1-16 October, 12.00-22, Bouziani Museum, Bouziani 27-31, Dafni. Opening party: Saturday 1st October, 18.00. Curator: Maritina Kontaratou

This exhibition showcases representations of mental health by the camera of 30 photographers worldwide. The works are the 30 selected artworks to be presented in Athens in October, as a part of the International Photography Award and Madness ‘iMADges’ organised by INTRAS Foundation, a partner of NEFELE scheme. The jury has announced that the winner of the II International Photography Award and Madness ‘iMADges’ is Oscar Barrera Tévar for his photography titled ‘Another world’. There are additional works were also awarded: ‘Untitled III’ by Horacio Culaciatti from Buenos Aires (Argentina), ‘The thousand faces of madness’ by Javier Cabezón from Valladolid (Spain) and ‘Thinking cucumbers’ by Ignacio Carmona from Madrid (Spain).

In this second edition of the award INTRAS received more than 500 pictures from 182 photographers from Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, USA, Italy, Mexico, Mozambique, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Rep. Dominican and Venezuela.


“Sometimes, reality may be modified by discovering other points of view within the world, its people, their external and internal landscapes, and their madness. The purpose of the present exhibition is to feature the inner life of people with mental health issues, captured by anonymous people and themselves.

Communicating through images and words of madness and meanings, photographers and the public can embrace all perspectives shown by the pictures; looking at people from all possible angles: daily situations, silly, happy, dramatic, comic, lights and shadows, happy and sad moments, the particular vision of each photographer in an attempt to learn more, be more aware and change the world, at least for those who wish to look ahead and beyond the camera.”

Participating artists:

Fernando José Soria Castro
Javier Cabezón Sánchez
Carlos Ramón Bonilla Miranda
Luis Justo Hidalgo Menéndez
Ignacio Carmona Loeches
Roberto Tabarés Díaz
David Martín Huamaní Bedoya
Francisco Mayench Ariza
Jose Beut Duato
Miguel Veiga Teijido
Pilar García Merino
Iñaki Fernández Arza
Iago Leonardo Fdz-Cabrera
Horacio Culaciatti
Raúl Cavero Garrido
David Mazón Gómez
Ana María Palacios Cano
Patricia Fabra Aparicio
Enric Estarlí Masjuan
Jose Vidal Jordan
Miguel Planells Saurina
César Blay Cuquerella
José Ramón Ayala García
José Ramón Ayala García
Rafa Garrido García
Virginia Sanz García
Ramón Ángel Acevedo Arce
Miguel Antonio Eiriz Saiz
José García Navarro
Óscar Barrera Tévar

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