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NEFELE | Visual Activism for Mental Health

Exhibition. 1-16 October, 12.00-22.00, Athens School of Fine Arts, 256 Peiraios st, Rentis & Bouziani Museum, 27-31 Bouziani Str, Dafni. Opening party: Sunday 2nd of October 20.00, at Athens School of Fine Arts.

Curator: Maritina Kontaratou

Visual culture is a way to create forms of change. Social design, photography, illustration, video art, zines, street art, are powerful weapons of contemporary activism and the artists constantly develop this language. Images have the power to capture the eyes and the mind of the audience, to shock or to motivate the passing-by audience. Most of these icons become symbols of their era, forming a kind of “visual journalism” around the globe.

In this exhibition, thirty designers, illustrators, street artists and photographers develop a social discourse through visual representations of mental health. The exhibition is built on a research on art forms and artists who open a dialogue about depression, psychic disorders, trauma, e.t.c. The images due to their striking visual impact present a memorable reflection of the social concerns about mental health and art in our era.
Participating artists:

Hương Anh Trịnh
Ethan Barber
Domenic Bahmann
Silvia Bettini
Ada Birecka
Francesco Bongiorni
Nicolas Castell
Gemma Correll
David Criado
Steven Galekovic
Daniel Gileadi
Xoana Herrera
Doll Hospital Journal
Thomas Huikeshoven
Panayiotis Lamprou
Haejin Park
Theo Payne
Tayfun Pekdemir
Marie Louise Plum
Makenzie Rae

Inês Mena Silva

Veronica Andrea Sauchelli
Patrick Smith
Noa Snir
Aleksandra Stone
The Vacuum Cleaner

“Fixing Luka” by Jessica Ashman, produced by Anna Odell for DigiCult
“L’s Story” by Chris Dunne for Art in Mind
“Metamorphose” by Frédéric Even and Louise Mercadier
“Meet Conor” by Daniela Sherer, produced by Watering Can Media
“Therapy Room”, “Anxiety”, “Depression”, “Manic” and “Paranoia” by Wang Qieer

Sinead Mc Donald

Some photos from the first venue of the exhibition, Athens School of Fine Arts…

Some photos from Bouzianis Museum basement exhibition, the second venue of “Visual Activism”…

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