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NEFELE |6 Performances, 2 Theatrical & 6 Music EVENTS

Six performances, two theatrical plays and six music events took place during the 16 days of the 1st European Art Festival for Mental Health, “NEFELE”, in the Bouziani Museum, the premises of the Athens School of Fine Arts and in open public spaces.

The artists thrilled the audience and spread the message of the festival in a fascinating way!

Motus Terrae- Center for Arts in Public Spaces
“You always hurt the one you love- A meeting”
Closing Ceremony- The nefele balloon

Plefsis group
“Invisible Cities”
“Mideia- I do not fit here”

Frailty’s Tunes (Participation of the italian partner “EURO-NET”)
Circus- performance in public space

Company of Social Psychiatry and Mental Health
“The warriors of light”

Organization “Amimone”
Social Music Therapy Event

Music Events
Belleville Band
Johnie Thin Trio
Trio Fritz
Tony Wright (Participation of the Irish partner First Fortnight Ltd.)

Some photos from PLEFSIS street performance “Invisible Cities”:


And “Mideia- I do not fit here”


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