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Our official website is http://www.edra-coop.gr .

“EDRA” (Social cooperative activities for vulnerable groups ) is a Non for Profit organization (NGO) that provides  specialized services in the Mental Health and Learning Disabilities sector  and also social and welfare services for disadvantaged groups of people. It was established in 2001.

Activities , sectors and projects of the organization EDRA :

  • 2 psycho-social rehabilitation houses for  adults with mental illness and mental retardation hosting 25 people.
  • 2 apartments supporting adults with mental illness in autonomous living. Hosting 4 people in each apartment.
  • 13 councelling and therapy centers for children (5 – 15 age ) with  learning disabilities , supporting their families also.
  • 2 centers for children (0- 6 age) with severe syndroms (early intervention therapy).
  • 1 appartment helping young adults with mental retardation to live more independently. (4 people)
  • 1 day care center for young adults with mental retardation in order to gain “tools’ for “independent living”.
  • 1 day care center for young adults with various disabilities.
  • Gardening projects for children.
  • Projects for people with very low or no income . Projects confronting poverty: social market , soup kitchen , social pharmacy , intermediation office , time exchange e.t.c.
  • Project for the homeless (housing , food  ticketing ,job finding, training e.t.c. )
  • Youth in action –evs programme with 10 years of experience. Hosting and sending volunteers all over Europe.
  • Hosting “Art4More” an annual activity of art and mental health festival  aiming  to fight the stigma of mental illness.
  • Hosting  “Sports for mental retarded people” an annual activity with a participation of 200 people with mental retardation.
  • Volunteerism section.
  • Students from Universities of Greece and also from other countries for example Lithuania are practicing at our several units of our organization.
  • European projects section.
  • Life long Learning Training center.