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Festival Posters 2007- now


Art4More ’21:

  • Αποβάθρες της ΣΤΑΣΥ ΑΕ (Αττικό Μετρό) / 1-14 Νοεμβρίου 2021
  • Σεράφειο του Δήμου Αθηναίων (Εχελιδών & Πειραιώς 144)* / 12-14 Νοεμβρίου 2021


Art4More ’20:

27, 28 & 29 Νοεμβρίου 2020 . Διαδικτυακά μέσω art4more.org & των καναλιών κοινωνικής δικτύωσης του φορέα FacebookYoutube και της πλατφόρμας Zoom.


Art4More ’19:

Trii Art Hub, Drakou 9, 12.00-23.00. 11-13 Οκτωβρίου, 12.00-22.00. Εγκαίνια: 11 Οκτωβρίου, 19.00. “No Story untold”. See the teaser

ART4MORE 2019 | “No Story Untold” Exhibition

ART4MORE 2019 | Workshops

ART4MORE 2019 | Talks

ART4MORE 2019 | Performances

ART4MORE 2019 | Art Residencies & Art as Therapy

ART4MORE 2019 | Συναυλία



Art4More ’18:

Trii Art Hub, Drakou 9, 12-14 October 2018, 12.00-23.00. “I Look at You, The festival ended with a Gadjo Dilo concert.

ART4MORE 2018 |I LOOK AT YOU: Art Residencies

ART4MORE 2018 | I Look at You: Έκθεση Σύγχρονων Καλλιτεχνών

ART4MORE 2018 | I Look at You: Workshops & Συζήτηση

ART4MORE 2018 |I Look at You: Art As Therapy

ART4MORE 2018 |I Look at You: Φωτογραφία



Art4More ’17:

Trii Art Hub, Drakou 9, 13-15 October 2017, 12.00-23.00. Openning party: 13 October, 19.00. International artworks under the topic “Portraits”. The festival ended with an Encardia concert.


Nefele Project ’16:

The documentary “In the HeArt of Soul”, directed by Small Planet, all devoted to our 2016 NEFELE festival. You can find this amazing documentary translated in Lithouanian, Italian and Spanish!


Performative Arts and Workshops Art4more 2007-2015:

Visual Arts:

At Bouzianis Museum

K.S.D.E.O. EDRA initiated a number of activities (exhibitions, educational programs, events) in Bouzianis Museum, 27-31 Bouziani str, Dafni.

Art4More ’15

Opened at 10 October 2015, Athens Impact Hub, Karaiskaki 28, Athens

This festival organised a huge number of open workshops by art tutors regarding art techniques and practices under the title “D.I.Y” and creativity in public space. A parallel Street Craft event was held. Street Craft is known as the next chapter of street art. This kind of graffiti is often three dimentional and adds texture to the often non- textural, cold, concrete surfaces of the urban landscape.


Art4More ’14:

Opened at 19 October 2014, Vryssaki, 17 Vryssakiou Str., Plaka, Athens

Many are indeed the artists whose favorite pet has a prominent position in their work. Pets are seen as a reflection of self and the artwork serves sometimes as a tribute to the close relationship between them. The exhibition also hosted stories in headphones, workshops and conference as a dierent way to present and discuss cases where animals contributed to the therapeutic procedure of people with mental health challenges.


Art4more ’13:

Opened at 13 October 2013, Vryssaki, 17 Vryssakiou Str., Plaka, Athens

The festival brings together works of art where the composition unfolds various narrative possibilities. These narratives are not linear or structured, but they emerge in the space between the viewer and the work. The content of the festival opens up many different possibilities for storytelling, through a path of visual reading and discovery.


Art4More ’12:

Opened at 13 October 2012, at Pop-Up123, 123 Pireaus Str., Athens

The festival is focusing on touch and encourages visitors to feel the works and relate to the events staged, by making the most of all their senses. While being a contemporary art event for the typical art-loving public, it is also keen to provide innovative cultural perspectives among diverse audiences and attract people with sight defects or other impairments by making special arrangements.


Art4More ’11:

Opened at 7 October 2011, The HUB Events, 5 Alkmini Str, Keramikos, Athens

The festival illustrated the return of contemporary art to simple experimental early forms of art, such as the art of persons with mental challenges is. Development of an inborn pictorial language as a means of expression as well as an alternative therapeutic medium for mental recovery was also suggested. ‘Non-Place Art’ exhibition featured doodles drawn on blank pages, in margins left on pages, post-it notes, Moleskine notebooks, diaries and any surface a sketch can be given a spontaneous, unintentional shape on. Therapeutic architecture section provides an insight about how city architecture and interior design can promote mental health and wellfare.


Art4More ’10:

Opened at 9 October 2010, Yoga Bala, 5-7 Riga Palamidou St, Psyrri & Thyra Technis Multi-Purpose Venue, 14 Sarri St, Psyrri, Athens

Featuring socially sensitive posters of scientific and artistic interest, the exhibition brought poster design and social concerns together and explored how this art contributes to triggering rapid social change to our everyday world. The exhibition illustrated Greek and foreign artists’ interest in designing for social, rather than commercial, purposes. It aimed to foster active collaboration and fruitful exchange of ideas between designers and social service organisations.


Art4More ’09:

Opened at 9 October 2009, Art House, Kerameikos, Athens

Focuses on various representations of diversity in film, play and plastic art, as viewed through the camera, body movement and works of artists from home and abroad, as well as on the scientific application of art as a means of psychotherapy.


Art4More ’08:

Opened at 9 October 2008, Art House, Kerameikos, Athens

The festival featured a large number of events including information and knowledge about mental health, plays, movies and concerts. High figures of attendance and the immense enthusiasm of participating artists bore clear testimony to the fact that art can contribute significantly to maintaining, enhancing and regaining mental health by challenging prejudice, lack of information and stigma around mental ill-health – all three being the breeding ground for social discrimination.



Art4more ’07

Opened at 12 October 2007, Netherlands Institute in Athens, Makri St, Plaka

Readily responding to the stimulus coming from the disastrous fires in the Peloponnese and the severe impact they had on the mental situation of the local populations, EDRA organized three-day events titled Art and Health Festival.


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